Sunday, March 27, 2011

The gift that keeps giving

We have a gift, that keeps giving. It just won't go away. This gift spent a couple months with us and then moved on to greener pastures. But while it was here, well, it gave. Yes it gave everything that it possibly could. It gave us fertilizer for our future corn crop. It gave us the enjoyment of watching it eat. It gave us several power outages (along with our neighbors) when it would scratch it's back on the guide wire for the eletric pole that it lived around-ruined the neighbor's homemade cheese cake during one of the power outages. It gave us several bent sprinklers and finally some broken ones which led to it's recent relocation to a more friendly surrounding. But alas, it is the gift that keeps giving and this morning when we woke up, guess who had returned. The gift was there in his usual spot itching his neck and belly on a poor bending sprinkler. He has got it bent pretty good. Well this gift is big, and on the verge of mean (the so called cow dog is a little afraid of him). When his owner came to round to try to chase him back home by herding him with the pick-up, well let's just say, this gift wasn't moving. So they built a fence around him until he can be picked up by a trailer and we get to enjoy him more. He has brought us alot of laughs, especially when it comes to the dog. Should be an entertaining week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm actually posting something...for $1.36

Holy Smokes!! I actually did some kind of crafty that isn't Cub Scout crafting. I was shopping at Wally World and they had just put their clearance on clearance again with the register taking 75% off the lowest price. So I dug around for 2 hours and came home with some sweet finds including this sweater that had the front shirt attached at the shoulder and side seams. I knew I could cut the front panel out and at least make it into a cardigan that my girls would wear.

Here's a nice, blurry picture of me cutting apart the front panel from the cardigan.
I'm having problems with my pictures in case you can't tell. Here's the front panel unattached from the rest of the sweater.
I used my rusty, trusty Sizzix with my heart die to cut the pedals of my flowers. I used the two biggest
hearts on the die for two different sizes of flowers.
I hand sewed each flower together and then I glue each flower individually onto a c-clip closure pin so that when el-picky pants gets home from school and says, "I don't like them." She can take them off and I can scoop them up and use them on my clothing. They would also work good for hair pieces. I used the front panel that I cut out to make the flower with. I like the center of the flower to the left the most. I just twisted up scraps of the left over fabric and tacked it in places to make it lay down. The thinner the strips of left-overs the better and more bumpy it made the center of the flower.

The white on the flower is actually white embroidery floss. I ran a gathering stitch around each pedal and then pulled each a little to gather them up and then tied them off. I hand sewed the pedals in the middle.

Here's the finished product. I have some more items to re-fashion. We'll see how they turn out. Oh yeh, btw el-pickypants came home and loved the make-over. She said she would just keep the flowers on the cardigan but I'm going to borrow them so they will come off once in a while. Hurray!! Score one for mom!!